Sea and sky, breathtaking sunsets.
Get in touch with nature on the island of flowers, Ie Island.

Approx. 9 km northwest of the Motobu Peninsula in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.
Ie Island, a 30-min ferry ride from Motobu Port, is a 22 km circumference island rich with varying landscapes from beautiful shorelines along the southern side to breathtaking views from 60-meter tall cliffs along the north.
It is a small tropical island with 23 square kilometers of land area and a population of approximately 5000 people. Blessed with beautiful natural scenery, the ocean comes alive in the coral reefs found in the island’s many diving spots.

Nature-Rich Location in the East China Sea
35-Room Genuine Resort Hotel

Ocean views from all 25 rooms of the main tower. The emerald green East China Sea expands below your window. Room types include Standard Twin and Suite Rooms.

Ten maisonette-type private cottages. Built among vivid green grass and our prized seasonal flower garden, cottages are great for soaking up the sun on your private wood deck or enjoying field activities with your children.

Enjoy Ie Island-grown food at the Restaurant “PARADISE”, which offers Japanese-Western fusion menus, terrace barbecue, and limited quantity shabu-shabu.

With natural beauty longed for even on Okinawa’s main island, Ie Island also boasts top-notch diving, cruising and other marine activities.


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